A new site for a new beginning. After taking some time off from updating my own site, I spent time working with some of the best agencies, with some really great strategic thinkers, and some of the largest brands. Now I'm back fresher, smarter, stronger, and most of all, Fiercer!
Time for a TimeOut.
My business partner Nathan Zubal was recently interviewed for Time Out Magazine. They ran a piece showcasing 5 New Yorkers who have experienced accidental success. The interview focused on our blog Just Like Molly and how it came about.
Not Too Shabby.
Newslook.com was honored as an official 2010 Webby Honoree in the News Category. This aggregate video news site, curates & culls the best news videos the world and the web has to offer. It offers viewers extensive coverage and multiple perspectives on world events.
One Haute Zygote.
A little exploration and study in some 3D dynamics and texturing. Some of the discoveries from this animation became core elements for my personal identity.
I love to design.
I always have. From making marble runs in the sandbox, to gluing glitter on my Puma's, I've always had a natural talent for creativity, curiosity, vision, and drive. SoFierce is the venue through which I hope to share some of that talent with my work, thoughts, and inspirations. Have a look around, and thanks for stopping by.
Digital Signage:

A Burgeoning Media Channel

Bank of America's Digital Communication Network provides it's banking centers with a national network of digital signage displays. These flat screens afford the banking centers the ability to maximize merchandizing space, display dynamic information and change content on the fly. Working in concert with traditional POS digital signage adds an additional layer of depth, information and instruction to all current messaging.

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